Our signature destinations with refined and enchanting experiences. Authenticity in every luxurious detail and unparalleled personalised service. Each one of our luxury destinations embodies passion, thoughtfulness in design, inherent craft and a connection with the locale. Our collection are a showcase some of the most beautifully orchestrated experiences for your mind, body and soul.

Whether you’re seeking a hint of glamour, a connection with local settings, or a place to enlighten your soul, immerse yourself in our choices of exquisite destinations. The home-away-from-home with an ambiance that is lively, fun and laidback. Andaru Villas offers an authentic expression of comforting elegance each with its own distinct style and character.

About Andaru

An authentic expression of culture, heritage and living. Andaru is more than a simple holiday accommodation; we are your home away from home amidst nature’s full glory. Evoking a harmony of perfect beauty and appreciation for nature as God's gift, we blend timeless traditions and contemporary life to deliver remarkable and exotic destinations.